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Dynamic Scenarios

Immersive Exploration

  • Immerse yourself in dynamic scenarios, ranging from sewers to cities.
  • Adaptation is crucial to facing unique dangers.
  • Explore to gather resources, complete missions, and uncover secrets.
  • Random events and environmental destruction add excitement.
  • Both vertical and horizontal exploration ensure survival.


Interactive World

Engaging Challenges

  • Immerse yourself in an interactive world where every action counts.
  • Master the interactivity of your environment to overcome all challenges, from manipulating hazardous elements to heavy machinery.
  • Interact with the environment to freeze, burn, crush, irradiate, or tear apart your adversaries.
  • Move fluidly, swinging between platforms or using stealth to stalk the enemy.
  • Establish relationships with secondary characters whose actions impact your path; destiny is in your hands.

A.I. and enemies

diverse enemies

advanced AI

  • Wide Variety of Enemies: Including mechanical, biomechanical, organic, crawlers, fliers, lurkers, and more.
  • Different Types of AI: Displaying diverse behaviors, even within the same class or species.
  • Environmentally Aware AI: Adversaries with skills similar to those of the player, aware of the dangers in the environment.
  • Enemies with Absolute Mobility: Conducting patrols, opening doors, activating mechanisms, navigating tight spaces, climbing, crouching, among others.
  • Group Enemy AI: With the ability to cooperate and coordinate among enemies.
  • Dismemberment: Through a deep and detailed system that will cause tactical changes by the enemy according to their abilities.

Weapons and Gadgets

Armament Variety

Tactical Arsenal

  • Variety of Armament: Includes ballistic, incendiary, explosive, radioactive, energy-based, chemical, psionic, and more.
  • Improvements to Armament: Addressing damage quantity, capacity, sights, reload speed, rate of fire, penetration, and more.
  • Modifications to Armament: Allowing changes in ammunition type and damage type.
  • Specialized Damage System: Where each weapon will cause specific visual damage effects according to its damage type and resulting effects on the enemy.
  • Execution Modes: Through differentiated animations for various enemy executions with different weapons.
  • Special Weapons and Gadgets: Including shields, holograms, manipulation devices, hacking tools, and others.

Other Features

Game Mechanics

Experience Advanced Features

  • Gameplay System: Begins semi-linear and expands into an open world with vehicles and complete freedom for the player.
  • Advanced Technology: Enemy AI, combined with visual and audio effects, creates a dynamic ecosystem that yields unpredictable outcomes.
  • Difficulty Level: Offers normal and hard options for players to acquire skills and avoid a predictable or guided gameplay.
  • Puzzles: Varied challenges, ranging from medium to high difficulty, presented in the form of riddles.
  • Backpack: Manages resources, combines components, and carries a full load.
  • Crafting: Allows for the creation of various parts, including weapons, missions, and exosuits, among others.
  • Recycling: Some resources and damaged exosuit parts can be recycled.
  • Resource Types: Include metals, electronic components, batteries, gunpowder, medications, chemicals, among others.
  • Exosuit Components: They are replaceable, recyclable, enhanced, and special.
  • Character Improvements: Provide temporary physical advantages through stimulants, with benefits and drawbacks depending on frequent use.